About Us

The history of Mahila Vidyalaya is one of a glorious past of more than a century, full of growth in service as well as scholarship. Its mission of educating women is best appreciated when we review its dynamic role as one of the oldest and largest women's college of northern India. Today Mahila Vidyalaya is committed to be a comprehensive college – empowering young women, towards educational and economic independence by providing them guidance and support as they endeavor to a satisfying professional and social life. Conscious of its past growth and achievements Mahila Vidyalaya is eager to develop fully its potential as a leading educational women's institution. Its goal is to sustain and strengthen in every area, intellectual quality, commitment to service and to maintain the standard of scholarship that characterizes it as one of the premiere institutions of the country.
In today's world nothing succeeds like success. The fruits of success are no doubt sweet, but achieving them requires tremendous effort, skill and knowledge. Education is not just passing examinations. In today’s scenario of the changing world, it is the delivery and not just degree that matters and this requires sharpening of skills and development of the overall personality of the child so that the she can deliver in the best possible manner whatever knowledge she has acquired. There is a need to provide opportunities to the students to develop themselves into excellent and valuable human beings. The present Management of Mahila Vidyalaya is cognizant of the fact that the development of personality and that of soft skills is very important from the students’ future point of view. It believes that every child is a gifted one. What is required is sharpening their skills. One may be gifted with a beautiful voice, outstanding dramatic skills, creative talents in writing, art of quizzing, green fingers etc. In order to enable the flowering of these talents and to strengthen them further, the Management has provided a platform in Mahila Vidyalaya-'Ela Kaul Kamal Srijan Peeth' and “Babu Hargovind Dayal Sangeet Peeth”, for the intellectual and personality development of students. The Management of the college is conscious of the fact that the personality development is very important for student’s future point of view .Keeping this in view a platform “SRIJAN PEETH” is being introduced in the college from the last two session which are providing opportunities to the students to develop themselves into a good and useful human being.